Business Process Automation Flowbiz


Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite  v.11.0

The Oracle Business Process Analysis Suite provides comprehensive modeling, analysis and simulation capabilities for enterprise wide business processes.

IT Process Automation Ayehu eyeShare  v.3 6

Ayehu is the leading provider of IT Process Automation and IT Automation Solutions. eyeShare, the company's product Empowers IT managers to resolve complex problems quickly by automating resolution processes,


ManageEngine RoboIQ (IT Process Automation)  v.2

ManageEngine RoboIQ is an enterprise-ready and affordable web-based IT Process Automation program which eliminates time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks and processes. With job scheduling engine of RoboIQ,

Business Process Illustrator  v.1.1

Business Process Illustrator (BPI) is process monitoring tool.

Halogen Business Process Management

Whether you run a 5 man BPO operation or employ 50 staff our software can provide you with the tools to manage your entire operations hassle free. From tracking your employee time spent by assignment, customer, task, transaction or output, our software

Email2DB  v.2.3.581

Email2DB is an email parser and business process automation solution. Parse and extract data from incoming messages to integrate with your business databases. You can extract data from incoming messages to store in your database.

AutoMate BPA Server  v.

AutoMate BPA Server is a multi-tiered client server business process automation platform for Windows.

XL-Flow  v.1.0

This program is a business process automation solution. It lets you configure and execute workflows to automate routine business processes. Each workflow consists of one or more tasks. Each task performs some sort of operation.

Project management software Comindwork  v.2.7

homepage offers flexible PaaS for project management and any other custom business process automation solutions.

Process Modeler for Microsoft Visio  v.5

Where other modeling languages and diagramming techniques struggle being too complex or too abstract for a non- IT user, the Business Process Modeling Notation promises remedy. From early on,

FlowBiz Charter  v.1 3

FlowBiz Charter is an easy to use flowcharting program. Use it for flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, and more. Record who performers/relates to each item in the chart. You can export to gif, jpeg, wmf, emf, png,

Eunomia Process Builder  v.2.8.4

Eunomia Process Builder is an easy-to-use method and business process modeling tool supporting UML and BPMN notation. It allows the designing of method, manufacturing or business processes and generation of process web sites with great look and feel.

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